Practical sources for consultation, advice, and training activities:

• Police work and criminal procedure practice (including the organization of surveillance activities) for 15 years (Central Criminal Police).

• Policy formation and different levels of the political decision procedures for 10 years (local government/National Council/Government of the Republic).

• International project management and risk analysis for 15 years (UN Project Service, other political and official external communication, public relations, managing the work of the Council of Interior Ministers of the European Presidency, conducting domestic and foreign trainings in the areas of public sector, civil society, and internal security).

• Public relations, communication, legal consultations, and conducting of trainings for 5 years (in the form of partnership, cooperation, and as self-employer).


• University of Tartu 2000 bachelor’s degree: law (master’s qualification)

• Tallinn University of Technology Master of Science in Administrative Management 2003

• FBI Academy (Quantico, Virginia, USA): Law enforcement management, media cooperation and procedural tactics 1999.


• Wide international network of cooperation partners (law enforcement agencies, private detectives, security companies)

• Broad-based political cooperation network in European government circles.

• Sectoral cooperation network in Eastern Bloc countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia etc.).

Due to these areas, the directions of consultations, trainings and advising are:

• Practical advice in various criminal and administrative cases, including cooperation with law firms (evaluation of evidence, including the content and legality of surveillance activities), analysis and evaluation of administrative practice, preparation of criminal appeals and, if necessary, representation of clients in various institutions. Creating the security network needed by the client and organizing its activities.

• Designing policies and lobbying for decisions, cooperation with political parties, government agencies and political leadership at different levels, representing the client’s interests and preparing appropriate behaviour patterns for the client. Organizing negotiations and concluding agreements (compromises) in the interest of the client. Management of related public relations projects.

• Organizing client relations with the media, preparing, and implementing media plans, managing communication projects, synchronizing them with various procedures and developments, shaping the client’s image, media behaviour trainings.

• Preparation of risk analyses, risk prevention, background checks (including international) and conducting risk/security audits for clients.

• International cooperation and organization of international customer relations, including international public relations, international lobbying.

• Consultation of television and film projects in practical areas.